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Capabilities and Experience

Engineering Experience

Microprocessor :

Rabbit Certified Consultant, TI MSP-430, Microchip PIC family, Intel 808x - Pentium, Intel 8051 family, Motorola 68K series, Motorola 6800 Family.  Hitachi 63701, Zilog Z80 and Z180 Families, and Synergetic 6502, RCA Cosmac 1802.

Language :

Power Basic 9.x using FireFly Visual Designer 3 and SQLTools Pro, Visual Basic 1 through 6, some .NET, MS SQL, MS Access, Assembler for the above listed micro's, BASIC, FORTRAN, APL, UNIX C, DOS C, Windows C and C++, Quick C, dBase II, dBase III+, Foxpro, RPG II on IBM System 36 and AS/400

Operating System Programming, Administration, and Network Experience :

UNIX, MS-DOS, Novel Netware, Lantastic, Apple DOS, CPM80, CPM86, OS/2,Windows NT 3.51 and 4, and Windows 98 and 95. EIA-600 CEBus network protocol. OSI Protocol Stack.

Other :

Exposure to IC Design using COT, Voice band analog design, IR Tx and Rx (remotecontrol), A/D, D/A, BSR X-10 and EIA-600 CEBus Power Line Communication, StepperMotor Control, Digital Light Dimming, phase control power supplies, PID processcontrol, DMX-512 Digital Lighting control, and a wide variety of othermicroprocessor and analog design experience.

Job Experience

November 1998 - Present
Centric Corporation
Embedded System Design Contracting
Owner, Principal Engineer

Advantus - Developed custom Windows Software for a varity of tasks including Generate Wachovia ACH Transfer Files from TSQL Database (Macola), Generate Wachovia Positive Pay Files from TSQL Database (Macola), EDI Transfer Generation, Pallet Stacker for creation of pick lists from customer invoice to stack pallets properly and with no wasted space, Truck Packer for packing Pallets onto Trucks mroe efficiently, Shipping Reconciler to reconcile received .csv invoices against TSQL Database (Macola), Fabric Cutter Machine - replaced PLC and made changes to machine to correct operational deficiencies, added rotary encoder for position sensing, motorized tensioning and brakes for correct fabric handling.

Duracell - Developed custom OS for a piece of laboratory grade battery test equipment, The Blue Box, manfactured by Obatron, Inc.
New OS alowed test scripts to be created and downloaded to a PC running Windows (VB) front end software and analyzed using Excel.

Sentex Systems - Developed Web based order / testing / programming system. Allowed orders to be placed from sales offices around the world and the products, Garage Door Opener Remotes, were then tested and programmed to match the orders in production facilities in Mexico.

Phoenix Products - Developed a Diesel generator day tank pump controller. Managed the fuel storage between the day tank on the generator and long term fuel storage.

Sentex Systems - Implemented Rolling Code algorithm in firmware for a new line of Garage Door Opener Remote control receivers.

SpringZ of Ocala - Developed a Rock Climbing Wal lane timer with serial interface. Allowed for competition and rock climbing league formation.

SpringZ of Ocala - Developed controls for video games to allow for coinless useage controlled from a back end supervisory computer connected to a SQL database. The user interface was a 128x64 graphic backlit LCD with incorporated proximity card reader on each video game in the arcade. All controls communicated to supervisory computer using Ethernet. Also integrated Mini Bowling, Electric Go Karts, Rock Climbing Wall, and Prize redemption.

Pelagic Group - Developed system to allow for drive around testing of Cellular Modem performance. Integrated GPS and Cellular modem with PC software to track location and connection speed.

Dieselogic - Developed electronics to allow testing of next generation Electronic Unit Injectors (EUIs) on older test equipment.

Dieselogic - Developed hardware to allow for mechanical mounting of EUIs on standard test platforms.

Dieselogic - Developed 2nd generation of electronics to allow for voltage and current control of EUI control waveform.

Pitman Produce - Developed time clock software to run on a PC using a simple Bar Code scanner and direct data interface to AS/400 via SQL server.

September 1995 - November 1998
Intellon Corporation
Design and Manufacture Spread Spectrum Integrated Circuits
Product Manager / Applications Engineering Manager

Manage product team from New Product Proposal through specification, design, manufacturing and into production. Manage Application Engineering department including customer service andsupport. Responsible for training of other Application Engineers, Customers and presentation of papers at technical conferences.

March 1990 - September 1995
Huron Tech Corporation
Specialty Metal Fabrication for Industrial Chemical Processing
Project Engineer

Manage projects for design and manufacture of industrialchemical processing systems. Implementedconsumer version of commercial chemical processing to generate Chlorine in aresidential or commercial swimming pool (Chlormatic II). Responsibilitiesincluded project management, plastics design, electronic design, packaging, andtrade show / marketing responsibilities for new product.

July 1988 - March 1990
The J. Allen Corporation
Hospital PPV and Nurse Call Systems
Engineering Manager

Manage engineering teams in California and Florida. Integrate hospital pay per view (PPV) system with nurse call system toshare resources and reduce cost. Responsible for merging engineering work from purchasedWescom Communications to merge with The J. Allen Corp.

January 1992 January 2000
Board Member / Consultant
Engineered Software Products, Inc.
Custom Software and Hardware Design

Design and installation of custom software and software solutions for business. Systems include Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine tool software, Bar Code basedinventory, job, and resource tracking software. Contract design of PCBs and microcontroller based devices.

April 1987 - July 1988
Wescom Communications
Nurse Call Systems
Engineering Manager

Directed an engineering team to design and manufacture anadvanced nurse call system using new network techniques and microprocessortechnology. Responsible for introducing UNIX, NetBIOS, and other networking and computer techniques to theNurse call market.

September 1985 - February 1986
Control Design
Industrial Controls

Design and installation supervision of several industrial control systems. Includedwere municipal water and waste treatment systems and a toxic gas handling systemfor Ft. McLellan Alabama. Primarily used ladder logic and Programmable Logic Controllers.

August 1985 - December 1985
Quaker Computer Solutions
Computer Solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Integrated micro computer systems and mainframes in the paper manufacturing, maintenance, shipping, and accounting areas of severalpaper mills.

February 1985 - January 1986
Suntech Systems
CAD / CAM Applications

Designed embedded microprocessor systems for sale toseveral companies. Also third party consulting for CAD/CAM applications used in design process.

January 1985 - April 1985
Somark International
Industrial Marking System OEM

Finished design and production prototype of a computer controlled automobile tire manufacturers tire marking machine.This machine made tags that were to be placed into a tire mold toserially mark each tire with an individual number.

January 1985 - April 1985
Marco Opthalmic
Optical Equipment OEM

Designed and prototyped a light controller for Ophthalmologists'offices using the BSR X-10 control scheme. This controller would automatically dim the lights when the doctor pickedup an instrument, and required no special wiring to be installed.

September 1984 - May 1985
One Stop Oil Company
Petroleum Distribution Control

Designed and prototyped a Gas station inventory control system that could measure the amount of gas in several underground tanksand report the information to a central computer that could schedule deliveries and generate government (EPA) required hydrocarbon loss reports.

March 1984 - June 1984
Smith Packaging
Industrial Marking Systems

Designed an industrial package marking and identification system that would read a bar code on a box and then print a descriptiondirectly on the box using a stationary ink jet printer. The system also generated reports on production information by printingthe original bar code labels before production and then keeping track of the barcodes as the boxes were printed after production.

December 1983 - February 1984
Trade Composition
Photo Typesetting

Set up and installed a work order and inventorycontrol system to increase production and billing efficiency by eliminatingpaperwork and automating billing decisions.

June 1983 - November 1983
PCB Manufacturing

Set up quality control procedures in Fototek's new printed circuit board manufacturing facility.

August 1980 - August 1985
Chief Electronic Engineer
Sally Industries
Entertainment Robotics

Responsible for electronic design and production ofall electronic related products from conceptualization to installation. Managed a staff of five engineers and technicians.Designed and constructed Sally's first microprocessor (Z80) based robot control and programming system (Still in use as of January 1998).

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